Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pink Wednesday - China Glaze Pool Party (Neon)

This is my first official pink wednesday!! (the swatch photos I posted earlier this morning do not count as I took those photos yesterday), if you do not know about pink wednesday's yet I will add a picture with a link at the bottom of this post to the website so you can find out more, I choose China Glaze Pool Party for my first pink wednesday colour as it as pink as you can possibly get a gorgeous bright neon hot pink.

Color Club Express Yourself - Pride Collection 2011

Express Yourself is a really awesome purple creme from the new Color Club Pride Collection which supports equality for all and Color Club will be donating a percentage of the sales of this collection to AIDS related charities.

I used Express Yourself when I did my water marbling swatches on the weekend this purple looks a lot brighter when applied over a white base coat which I should have used when I did my swatches of this colour yesterday but I was being a bit lazy so I will try to upload some additional pics of this colour over a white base coat at a later date.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Water Marbled Mani's

It's been over 2 weeks and I am still waiting for my konad stamps to arrive in the post so I decided to give water marbling a try on the weekend, It was my first time so the results are far from perfect and I accidentally used tap water rather than filtered water which probably didn't help. I used Essie Blanc for the white base coat and Seche Vite for my top coat in all pictures, I am determined to get really good at water marbling so expect to see a lot more pics in coming weeks!

The first two pics below I used China Glaze Pool Party and Color Club Express Yourself & Age Of Aquarius.

The next two pics below I used China Glaze Pool Party and Color Club Express Yourself & Boys Wear Blue this combination of colours looked great together the blue and purple blended really well.

Friday, 25 November 2011

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection - Spring 2012

OMFG!!!! I am soooo excited about this collection I absolutely love Nicki Minaj!!! OPI could not have picked a better person for their next celebrity collection! What a great collection I will be bypassing OPI's Holland Collection and anxiously waiting for the Nicki Minaj Colours!

OPI announces the launch of six new limited edition shades inspired by hip hop sensation Nicki Minaj, including a purple Shatter!  Inspired by Minaj’s unique style, love of bright colors, and her debut album Pink Friday.The line features five nail lacquers in addition to Super Bass Shatter, ranging from fantastic pink, rainbow confetti glitter and charcoal sparkle hues to two green shades in lime and teal. The limited edition collection will be available beginning January 2012

I am so excited I just wish it was january already with so many great nail polish collections being released how do they expect me to wait two more months!

Above from left to right.

Pink Friday - Kick off the weekend with this pop! of bubblegum pink.
Did It On ‘Em - A lusty little lacquer that loves the “lime”-light.
Fly - I came to win, to fight…and to wear this aqua.
Metallic 4 Life - This charcoal sparkle flies with the stars in the skies.
Save Me - I drove for miles just to find this silver-rainbow glitter.
Super Bass Shatter - A record-setting purple that "shatters" before your eyes.

Super Bass Shatter, Metallic For Life, Save Me, Fly, Did It On Em and Pink Friday.

OPI Holland Collection - Spring 2012

So far I am not really in love with this collection I prefer of lot of bright sparkly exciting colours and some of the recent OPI seasonal collections have seemed a bit boring to me obviously with the exception of The Muppets Collection which was totally awesome! although I am sure a lot of people will love these colours.

A Roll in The Hague - Take advantage of this frisky little orange.
Red Lights Ahead…Where? - This coral-packed red is the hottest in the district.
Kiss Me on My Tulips - A smooch-worthy shade of hot pink.
Pedal Faster Suzi! - This pink lavender shimmer will have you “wheeling.”
Dutch ’Ya Just Love OPI? - All of Holland hollers for this crowd-pleasing plum.
Vampsterdam - A deep purple for a divine diva.
Did You ’ear About Van Gogh? - Rumor has it…this sandy bisque is a work of art.
Thanks a WindMillion - You totally deserve this breezy sea green.
Wooden Shoe Like to Know? - It’s no secret…everybody loves this shimmery chocolate-brown.
I Have A Herring Problem - What’s that you say? I need to “sea” this shimmery green-blue?
I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! - This sassy steal-blue shimmer means business!
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes - Take a walk on the wild side with this robust rose.

A Roll in The HagueDid You 'ear About Van GoghDutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? and Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

I Don't Give A Rotterdam!, I Have Herring ProblemKiss Me on My Tulips and Pedal Faster Suzi! 

Red Lights Ahead…Where?Thanks a WindMillion, Vampsterdam, and Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

Essie A Spring To Invest In Collection - Spring 2012

Continuing with the spring 2012 line up Essie's first release for the new year will be the A Spring To Invest In Collection featuring six juicy new shades, very cute collection but nothing out of the ordinary from Essie a few of the colours look similar to colours from the summer 2011 Braziliant Collection. There is also news of the Essie 2012 Resort collection but good pics yet will post another update about this collection soon.

Navigate Her, A Crewed Interest, To Buy Or Not To Buy, Tour De Finance, Ole Caliente, Orange, It's Obvious.

Navigate Her - fresh light green
A Crewed Interest - peach
To Buy or Not To Buy - shimmery soft lilac
Tour de Finance - shimmery fuchsia
Ole Caliente - red orange
Orange, It's Obvious - bright orange

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lorelei's Tiara - China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitters Collection

As promised here a my swatches of Lorelei's Tiara from the new China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitters Collection, Lorelei's Tiara is the perfect mix of silver & light blue glitters it makes #2 on my list of of favourite silver glitter nail polishes released this year with OPI Crown Me Already still remaining in 1st place.

China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters - Spring 2012 Specialty Collection

Now for the second new China Glaze Collection for 2012, Prismatic (Chroma Glitters) I am so excited about this Collection it looks totally awesome and completely different to previously released collections, six irresistible unique new colours the press release states,:

"This limited edition collection was inspired by the beauty and magic of multi-coloured prisms. Complete with glitter and holographic-like technology. These six icy shades give the appearance of multi-layers of iridescent color. So add this incredible illusion of color to your line up today"
Holographic, Chrome & Glitter I am in nail polish heaven and will fantasise about this collection until I can get my hands on it and have it stashed away safely in my own collection, my only worry is China Glaze could do what they did with the limited edition Tronica Collection last year and only release it in the USA or in selected stores like Sally Beauty.

Fingers crossed the collection will be released internationally or I might have to make another trip to the USA alternatively there should be scalpers in the USA selling it for ridiculous prices on whatever you do don't procrastinate this is a limited edition collection and you will kick yourself if you miss out on it!

China Glaze Electropop Collection - Spring 2011

I am having my first ever blog giveaway the prize is six bottles of nail polish from the new China Glaze Electropop Collection please click here for details entries close January 31st 2012 the giveaway is open to residents of Australia and the mainland USA (sorry I cannot send to Hawaii or Alaska).

Some good news for 2012 we have two fantastic new China Glaze collections to look forward to at the beginning of next year, the first collection is Electropop a collection of Brights and Lights, gorgeous bright pop art shades and really cute candy coloured cremes also a re-release of China Glaze Techno (Glitter) is included in the collection.

A few of the colours look like dupes from the Up & Away Spring 2010 Collection but I doubt that will stop anyone from needing all these colours!

Swatch wheel photo from Temptalia

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole - BYS Wonderland Collection

I was really psyched up to start pink wednesday this week not that I am a huge fan of pink but I have a few pink nail polishes in my collection that I have not swatched yet, this morning I was checking out all the blogs and accidentally come across this great nail polish Down The Rabbit Hole from the BYS Wonderland Collection, I normally buy all my nail polishes from the USA but today I made an exception and got this nail polish for $5 at Cosmetics Plus at my local shopping centre.

Down The Rabbit Hole is quite similar to China Glaze Cosmic it has a black jelly base with rainbow holographic glitter the base colour is quite sheer so I had to use 3 coats plus top coat, I am really impressed with this product as I normally bypass Australian Brands and go straight to the American E-tailers but I will definitely start making a better effort to swatch more Australian Brands.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Designer... De Better! OPI Muppets Holiday Collection 2011

Designer... De Better is from the new OPI Muppets Collection it is a silver foil that almost looks champagne coloured because of it's pink & gold flecks, I am really into foil nail polishes at the moment and have swatched a few other colours already this month, Designer... De Better is really pretty I can't wait do something konad stamping with it in coming weeks.

Designer... De Better! (Natural Light)

Designer... De Better! (Indoor Light)

Designer... De Better! (Indoor Light)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Nail Bliss - Bling Nail Appliques

There are so many great varieties of Nail Applique's strips and stickers available in the USA, Incoco, Sephora, Sally Hansen etc. Nail Bling have overs 20 different designs available for your fingernails & toes  I picked up a few packs while I was away but will definitely be ordering some more online.

You get 18pcs per pack and can use them on their own, over nail polish or they are also great for making your own cute designs, today I have just tried out a couple of my own designs with Girle Things over Nails Inc Connaught Square once again I am sorry for the poor quality of these photos, I will be posting more photos of the other Bling Nail Applique designs in coming weeks.

Jazz Hands, Black Jewels, Girlie Things

Girlie Things With Connaught Square

Girlie Things With Connaught Square

Girlie Things With Connaught Square

Connaught Square - Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter

I had never heard of Nails Inc before I saw their display stand at Sephora they have some really cool colours & sets available, Connaught Square is gorgeous and really caught my eye I apologise for the quality of my photographs, my camera isn't great and it was really hard to good photos that showed off the different colours of glitter.

Connaught Square (Sunlight)

Connaught Square (Sunlight)

Connaught Square (Indoor Light)

Connaught Square (Indoor Light)

Danni - Zoya Intimate Collection Spring 2011

Zoya nail polishes are not as readily available in beauty supply stores as some of the other major brands so "Danni" was the only Zoya colour I managed to purchase while I was away.

Danni is a pretty purple shimmer it is a lot more girly than the colours I would normally wear, the formula was great I used 2 coats plus top coat in these images.

Zoya Danni (Natural Light)

Zoya Danni (Natural Light)

"Danni"also makes a great base colour for layering & nail art as shown below with one coat of Sephora by OPI, Spark-tacular! Top Coat.

Zoya Danni with Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular! Top Coat
(Natural Light)

Zoya Danni with Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular! Top Coat