Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Incoco Nail Polish Applique Pretty Please & Rock On

I have just recently tried out some of the Incoco Nail Polish Applique's, I was really lucky and was sent two sets to review I chose the designs Pretty Please & Rock on, each set includes 16 nail polish strips, a nail file/buffer, orange stick, and polish remover cloths.

The first set I tried was Pretty Please I kept this set on for 3 days while I was working they were great I got lots of good comments from the customers and the strips didn't wear at all I could have left them on for a lot longer.

This afternoon I have just tried out the Rock On strips they are so cool I am really in love with them and can;t wait to wear them to work tomorrow, overall I think the Incoco Applique's are really great product and would definitely use them again I would really like to try out some halloween designs later in the year.

Incoco Nail Polish Applique's cost $10.99 per set which includes 16 double ended strips for 32 assorted sizes, to view more great Incoco designs please click here to visit their website.

 *The product in this post was sent for an honest review*

UP Colors Holografico - Verde 360

I fell instantly in love with Verde 360 once I got it out the sun this is such a perfect green holographic it so beautiful I'm going to need another bottle, I think all my brazilian polishes are ruining regular polishes for me i've already found two colors so far that I'm going to need a back up of for when I run out, normally I never need a back up of my favorite colors but these polishes are so amazing I can't imagine life without them.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Nail Mail!

Yesterday I received another great haul thanks to my PAA friends Yezenia & Stephanie, below are some of the photos from my haul, I also received a lot more used polishes for frankening, three bottles of green hot sauce that I was in desperate need of and some hersheys kisses and cherry jolly rancher lollipops.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Hits - Twist

This is my first post of the brazilian polishes I received in my swap package that arrived last week, It has been raining and cloudy the last few days so I have only been able to take pics of some of the brazilian flakie and duochrome polishes. Hits Twist is a gorgeous blue/green flakies is a gorgeous jelly base it looks really awesome I love it, I love this polish way more than they flakies polishes you need to layer over another layer color it is so much easier.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

China Glaze OMG Collection - DV8

I am still slowly making my way though swatching the OMG collection it has been raining and dreary most of this week so I was lucky to get these pics while the sun was out on friday afternoon.

DV8 is a gorgeous teal blue holo the holographic effect isn't as strong as some of like other colors in the collection but the color is so bright it still looks impressive.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sephora By OPI Betsey Johnson Collection

OMG I woke up to the most exciting news this morning Sephora By OPI is releasing a new Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson Collection! I love Betsey Johnson and Sephora By OPI is one of my favorite brand of nail polish so for me this is a match made in heaven! The full size shades are $9.50 each and are available now on

I am holding out for the mini set in the gorgeous box it will cost $24.50 and will include six shades including three exclusive colors "Son Of A Gun" mettalic charcoal, "Yellow My Name Is Betsey" yellow, "Too Too Turq" turquoise.

There are also Trend Tips decals that cost $12 per set available in Skull, Cheetah or Lips.

I hope you are as excited as I am I will be swatching the mini set as soon I am able to get it, below is the press release from Sephora and some bottle shots of the individual colors I hope you enjoy.

The outrageous (and fabulous!) Betsey Johnson designs the ultimate accessory for spring, a striking nail collection for Sephora by OPI.  Available this March, the Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Collection reflects the personal style obsessions that are oh - so Betsey, including the first ever Sephora by OPI scented nail polish in this season’s must have neon pink polish infused with Too Too, Betsey’s newest fragrance.
The Spring 2012 Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Collection consists of seven full sized chip resistant nail polish shades, a six piece mini nail polish set, long lasting trend tips and flashy nail designs. “I am Too Too excited for my first nail collection with Sephora by OPI!  The collection is just how I like it – loud, outrageous, pretty, pinky, and kickass rock and roll,“ says Betsey.

It's My Pink!

XOX Betsey

Pushing Your Luck

Sparkling Personality

Cartwheels On The Catwalk

Alley Cat

Forever Wild

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Best Swap Ever!

You might want to prepare yourself for this is post you jaw is going to drop to the floor once you see the pics of all the polishes that I received in my swap with Tami from Brazil. These are my first ever brazilian polishes so it is very exciting for me I love them they are so gorgeous and I can't wait to swap them and start making nail polish jewellery with some of these amazing colors.

I have been stressing out about this parcel arriving all week I think it must have got stuck in customs for five days but now I am so glad it is here and everything arrived safely, I love these polishes they are gorgeous and the bottles are super cute, I am not sure what color to try first?

Hits Powerpuff Girls

Hits Mari Moon (Duochrome)

Hits Flakies

Hits Glitters

Hits No Olimpo (Holographic)

Rivka Holographics

Up Colors Holographics

Impala (Holographic, Glitter & Duochrome)

Ludurana Aurora Borealis (Duochrome & Holographic)

Sancion Angel (Glitter), Dote (Holographic), La'Pogee Optico, Vefic Treatment