Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sweet Peacock - Orly Birds Of A Feather

Sorry I have uploaded this post so late but I got very distracted this morning with nail art penguins the latest craze on PAA, what I discovered from this was that I am not good at free hand nail art and that I really need all the right tools, pens and paint before I give it another try. Orly Sweet Peacock is a gorgeous blue foil one of the best blue nail polishes released this year it will be great for stamping that is what I was planning on doing with this color when I painted my nails last night, It was definitely not in my plans to be adding penguin's to my mani!

Poor little guys isn't their fault I'm not good at nail art!


  1. Yup....I agree, this is one of my favorite polishes out this year!

  2. love the penguins!! and that blue is amazing!!

  3. Such a pretty color, it almost reminds me of Sinful Colors Midnight Blue. The penguins are great!! Did you draw those yourself?

    I also love nail polish & nail art!! I love reading nail blogs, I found yours on and I'm following.

    Take a look at my blog if you get a chance :)