Friday, 13 July 2012

Lynnderella - Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue

I got my first ever Lynnderella polish this week Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue which I have wanted for ages as I love blue glitter and think the name is really cute, but to be honest this polish is no better than any other indie polish I own and not as good as some it is basically a few different sizes and shades of blue and violet glitter in a clear base.

This is two coats over Essence Cool And The Gang it is very pretty but I would never pay eBay pricing for it and I have other blue glitter indie polishes that I like more both Girly Bits Daddy's Little Girl and Pahlish Train Underwater are gorgeous blue glitter polishes that I would recommend you buy before trying to get your hands on Bibbitty Bobbitty Blue.


  1. This is gorgeous! It looks like a jelly sandwich :). Lovely pick xx

  2. This is just gorgeous! I gave you an award on my blog: :D

  3. So pretty and lucky you. I only own 2 from this line. I have to do some looking on line as I read just a passing line in a blog today that lead me to think Lynerealla was not going to be made anymore? Heard anything about that? I cannot get my hands on them - they are gone before they come in and I just am not into all the hoop-la over the issues of getting them in the past. It's too high maintenance for my tastes...but then also I won't pay the Amazon and eBay secondary market prices for these and some other indies either.