Thursday, 29 March 2012

China Glaze Tronica Collection - Techno Teal

Techno Teal is the first color i've tried out from the China Glaze Tronica Collection, a lot of people aren't that into the Tronica Collection because the polishes aren't as holographic as the OMG & Kaleidoscope Collections but I think its a great collection there are lots of really awesome colors that are totally different from the colors in the OMG & Kaleidoscope Collections.

I think Techno Teal is gonna be my favorite from this collection i'm in love it is such as gorgeous scattered holo and it is totally different to any other polish in my collection, the only one bad thing I can say about Techno Teal is that in my photos it looks a lot more blue than it actually is on my nails it looks like most perfect shade of teal but unfortunately teal polishes are always very hard to photograph.


  1. I like this, looks really nice against your skin tone too!

  2. Oh my goodness! I think that this colour is amazing! Looks great! xx

  3. I ditto you on that one - there are a # of really great shades in the Tronica collection despite they are not linear holos. I don't like to waste my complete collections of OMG and Kalid. So I wear my Tronicas a lot. The 2 purples are great - this blue is a winner - the green is absolutely dynamite!