Thursday, 16 February 2012

China Glaze Ultamate Holiday

I have been meaning to post pics of this nail polish for over a month now but the first lot of photos I took last month didn't look very good so I decided to swatch it again, Ultamate Holiday is one of the three China Glaze Ulta exclusive nail polishes that were released just before xmas last year.

I love Ultamate Holiday even though the color doesn't suit my skintone it is a gorgeous gold glitter with a awesome holo effect which is hard to capture in photos, I had such a hard time getting these polishes I tried to get them from ulta online but had major problems trying to place my order and ended up spending hours on hold with no solution, in the end a very kind person from my PAA group got them for me I am so grateful to her!


  1. I love Chinaaa Glaze :)
    Your blog is very pretty.I love your blog ! I following you now..
    I wish follow me back.Kisses from turkey :) byee !

  2. So pretty! Just recently picked this one up on clearance and can't wait to try it!