Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nail Mail: Xmas In January

I brought so many polishes in December that I couldn't afford to get all shipped here in time for xmas so this is my Xmas in January I was so excited for fedex to deliver this box today and I am so happy only two polishes leaked and they weren't even colors I really liked.

I need to say a HUGE thanks to DJ, Carrie, Kristal and Genevieve for helping me get some of the harder to find polishes that I could not order online myself I am so grateful for all your help!

Everything Wow!

Finger Paints Flakies & Some goodies thanks to Carrie 

Illamasqua Baptiste & Poke, Nails Inc Fashions Night Out, Sephora By OPI Just A Little Dangerous & Midnight Mambo thanks to DJ

Lots of perfume samples from Sephora (Thanks DJ)

Bootie Babe: Purp Slurp, Electric Lemon, Hella Baloo, Mean Tangerine, Brink Of Pink,  Lilac Lunatic, Slinky Pinky there were two more bottles of Bootie Babe Lime So Fine & Bossy Mossy but they both leaked.

Deborah Lippmann Juicy Couture Set: Believe, Here Comes The Queen, Jewel In The Crown

OPI Nicki Minaj Minis, Did It On Em, Fly, Pink Friday, Save Me Thanks to Genevieve

China Glaze Ulta Exclusives: Ultamate Holiday & Fireside Glow thanks to Kristal

China Glaze Tronica Collection: Virtual Violet, Gamer Glam, High Def, Techno Teal, Hologram

China Glaze Tronica Collection: 3D Fantasy, Digital Dawn, Mega Bite, Laser Lime, Cyberspace, Electra Magenta

Milani 3D Holographic Collection: Hi-Res, Digital, HD, Cyberspace, Hi-Tech, 3D

Milani: Black Nail Art Polish , Blue Flash, Totally Cool, Purple Gleam

Nfu Oh 64, 61

Zoya: Ki, Charisma & Remove+

Kleancolor: Holo Green, Holo Pink, Holo Blue, Holo Chrome, Holo Orange, Holo Yellow

Kleancolor, Winter Wonderland, Midnight Seduction, Chunky Holo Black, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic Purple, Metallic Green


  1. That's a whole lotta good stuff you got there. More then I have purchased since my polish addicted has started. LOL

  2. My goodness what an incredible haul! Love all those Tronicas!

  3. Gosh, now I gotta clean my keyboard, so much drool....

  4. Wow! This should keep you busy for a little while hehe :)

  5. Uhh.....wow! Now if only Zoya Ki looked that great on the nail! Awesome loot!

  6. Im SO excited for the Nicki Minaj range to hit Australia!!! Can't wait :D

  7. Sheeeshhh! Now THIS is an Epic Haul! Oh Dear.. so much goodies. Can I come spend the week with you? Lol...

    Nfu Ohs, Tronica Collection, Those Milanis... Everything looks great! And all finger paint flakies?! For real, if there's anything you don't want in these, I'll gladly get them from you.. *wishful thinking*. Lol...Enjoy your new babies.

  8. http://cmwopaat.blogspot.com
    I'm having a blog sale too!

  9. Such a massive haul! Where did you get the Tronicas? I need a couple that I wasn't able to find when they were at Sallys

  10. how nice. I too would like to. I'm happy for you

  11. Holy moly!

    Also, I'm not familiar with the Tronica collection by China Glaze but this is the third reference to it in the last 2 days I've seen!

  12. woooow, this is such an amazing haul, i want to come round for a polish party loll ! (i'll have to check the next flight ; ) loll theyre all soo pretty but where did you get the tronica's from?

  13. For everyone who is interested in the China Glaze Tronica collection it was a limited edition Holographic collection released in the USA at the beginning of 2011 it was exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply so a lot of people missed out on it, the colors aren't as holographic as the OMG Collection but the blues and purples are still really pretty I brought them from a seller on ebay.com I jumped at the chance to be able to purchase 11 of the 12 colors I am missing Hyper Haute from my collection

  14. man and i thought IIIIIII had a problem lol xx

  15. Hi..for all who asked about the Tronica colors, I have a few colors of that collection. Please contact me through my ebay store scottstreet boutique..let me know your color request and that you saw the tronica collection on glam polish, and I will contact you if I have the hue...thanks glam polish, for featuring the polishes in your blog!

  16. Can you say jealous? Because that is what I am!