Thursday, 22 November 2012

Glam Polish - Preview & Restock Info

When I started making my own polishes I never planned on selling them, for months I just made them for friends and swaps and paid for all my franken supplies and glitter with the funds I made from my blog sale but eventually I stopped buying polish altogether and started an obsession with needing all the glitter every shape size and color I ended up with a lot more glitter than anyone would need for a hobby  so I have decided to sell a few a my creations.

My first restock will be tonight 22 Nov at 7pm QLD Time please click here to be taken to my big cartel store the site is currently in maintenance mode but it will go live tonight I am not planning on selling full time I hope to restock one to two times per month and will post updates on my blog and facebook page I am currently only shipping to Australia I am really sorry I cannot accept any International orders at this time.

My friend Candice designed my big cartel store for me I love the colors and the banner she is a fantastic designer that has been doing a lot of design work for Indie brands so I was so happy to work with her again.

I have made so many polishes in the last six months and have decided not to release a collection just an assortment of my favorite shades I will be selling nine shades tonight and plan on adding more shades to my store when I have my next store restock in December.

Indigo is kind of my dream polish my favorite color is blurple and I always imagined making a blurple based glitter polish it is packed with turquoise & fuchsia dot and micro glitter I love dot glitter so much I just can't get enough of it you will see it is a common theme through all my polishes, Rebecca from Polished Peripherals did an amazing post featuring Indigo really gorgeous pics and the most awesome macro shot of the glitter.

Jem named after Jem from Jem & The Holograms is a bright pink jelly packed full of multiple sizes and shapes of pink blue and holographic glitter, Jem reminds me so much of a couple of my friends that adore pink!

Tink named after Tinkerbell because it reminds me of fairies is my favorite polish at the moment every time I wear it I don't want to take it off its so pretty and sparkly. Tink is a mix of pink lilac and purple holo stars with micro holographic glitter in a purple tinted base my pics really don't capture how gorgeous it really is if you like girly polishes this is definitely one to put at the top of your wishlist.

Ruby I fell in love with straight away I LOVE fuchsia glitter so much and was so happy with how it worked out when mixing every size of my fuchsia glitter with red and chartreuse glitter and with some red star glitter that I had been dying to find a use for, this is Ruby layered over hits Atena such a pretty combo.

I love shaped glitter and there are a lot of polishes with crescent glitter around at the moment I wanted to do something a little different and came up with this combo of sky blue turquoise and holo glitter with gorgeous sky blue holo moons this is Eclipse layered over Jade Hypnose one again this polish was really hard to capture it is much more gorgeous & holo in real life.

Nebula is one of my favorite glitter mixes multiple sizes and shapes of purple fuchsia emerald and chartreuse glitter in a clear base this is Nebula layered over Jade Fascinio Violeta.

Spectacle is my only non glitter polishes a sheer blue based purple jelly packed full of gorgeous flecks it has an awesome gold shimmer, another polish that is so much betters in real life.

Squared used to be cause One Square Two Square but I changed the name as it didn't fit in with my other colors it is the most awesome ultramarine blue jelly with multiple sizes of white matte squares and micro glitter I love this shade of blue so much.

I first blogged about Topaz in August but decided no to swatch it again as I loved the pics so much to view my previos post about Topaz please click here, Topaz has been really popular with my friends and I have sent a lot of bottles out as gifts it is a really great glitter mix the pics below are of Topaz layered of OPI Russian Navy Suede.

More info and pics will be available by visiting my Big Cartel Store tonight, my polishes are full size 15ml and are big 3 free I am only shipping to Australia I am really sorry I am not offering International shipping at this time, please follow my facebook page for restock updates.


  1. These are really beautiful and making me wish I lived in Australia. :-P

  2. I LOVE, love, love Nebula! Ruby's pretty awesome, along with Jem. Actually they are all pretty amazing! Great job!