Monday, 8 October 2012

Glam Polish - One Square, Two Square....

So last post I promised I would show you some of my new creations this is a polish I made recently called One Square Two Square.... multiple sizes of white matte glitter in a ultramarine blue base I really love this I wish I didn't have to take it before I go back to work tomorrow.

My friend candice designed me the cutest labels for my mini bottles aren't they awesome?


  1. Ooooh what a great, vibrant blue but sooo squishy. You are such a doll and thanks ;) Looks just amazing. The use of white squares is super unique. I love how well thought out your polishes are.

  2. You're right, those labels are amazing, as well as the polish.

  3. Ohhh that blue is to die for, I'm a sucker for a blue!