Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mega Indie Haul!

I've been talking about my haul I had coming for a awhile now and finally I picked it up from fedex yesterday night, I am so excited so many gorgeous indie polishes and a lot of brands I haven't tried yet, this is about six weeks worth of purchases, yes I went a little nuts but look at how pretty they all are!

In my haul package I also received some other stuff: nail foils, bundle monster plates, hot sauce, candy, hello kitty pink hot chocolate, a lot of frankening supplies and glitter I am so EXCITED about all the glitter samples I received and can't wait to start making my own custom polishes I'm going to have so much fun playing with all my supplies & polishes today! which are your favorite polishes from my haul? what would you like to see me swatch first?

 CrowsToes - Thing, Morticia, Gomez, Cheshire, Absolum-your potions master

Pahlish - Slow Fade Of Love, Toxic and Timeless, Fire In The Taco Bell, Dance Across The Sea, Glittoris

KB Shimmer - Showgirl, Sqaure, Cheerleader, Shipwreck

Midsummer Night, Clown Puke, Diva, Watercolor

 Pretty & Polished - Hello Dolly, Rianbow Sparkle, Pool Party, Sand Art, Jawbreaker

Windestine - Dancing In The Rain, Sweetener, 80's Deco, Asbestos, Spica

Nostalgic - Rio, Angela, jordan

Sonoma Nail Art - Sonoma County Wedding, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Sonoma Sunset

Smitten Polish - Pink Lemonade, Fire and Ice, Winter Is Coming

Enchanted Polish - Once Upon A Time, Across The Universe, Frosted Icicle

Lush Lacquer - Lite brite, Bubble Yummy, Mr Bubble
Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness, Pinkie Promise, Hoof Wrassle

Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing, The Element Of Magic, 20% Cooler

Rainbow Honey - Celestia, Mare Of The Moon, Siren Song

 Candeo Colors - Orchid, Glacier

Girly Bits - Hippity Hop, Not Too Polished - The Eyrie

Hufflepolish - Treat Yo Self, The Glitter Factory

 Elevation Polish - Stay Behind Catch A Wave

My Glitter Samples!!!!


  1. Whoa, amazing amazing haul!

  2. So envious right now! I just ordered my first indie, Candeo glacier. Now I must have more!

  3. Now that's a haul! Suffering severe jealousy! :)

  4. Wowzer great hauling! I would love to see Pahlish Fire In The Taco Bell because I am wanting that one ;-)

  5. Wow! I mean, seriously: Wow!! So much glitter!! *swoons*

  6. I can't find hufflepolish! *le sigh* I'm loving that Treat Yo Self!

    And I had to stop myself from buying any KBShimmers... but after seeing your bottle shots, I might have to... Thanks a lot! lol ;)

  7. i m falling..... gosh such a great haul .... :)

  8. What a freakin' awesome haul! Totally jealous you got Asbestos! I keep missing all the Friday restocks because I'm never home!

  9. Whoah! What a haul! Some of the polishes there are real gems!

  10. Whoa, now thats a haul! Awesome!!

  11. SOOO jealous. That is the most AMAZING haul I've seen!

  12. much polish! This is so much fun! I am still gettig my haul, but still didn't get all I wanted. Jealous! I didn't get any Candeo, Dollish Polish or Nostalgic Clueless Collection. Got the Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection, too. I did a lil preview on those. Love some KB Shimmer- I got Midsummers Night and love it! Cant wait to see some of your swatches on these! I love indie polishes! Awesome haul:)