Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hits Phenomena - Moonbow

I must have been having a blonde moment yesterday afternoon when I was taking swatch pics of Hits Moonbow when I uploaded the pics to my desktop today I realised I had grabbed the Hits Afterglow bottle by mistake *Major Fail* so on my nails in these pics I have two coats of Hits Moonbow over Ludurana show but the bottle I am holding in my hand is Hits Afterglow it is raining today so I couldn't take more pics and these pics looked so good I didn't want to waste them.

Hits Moonbow & Ludurana Show are the perfect pair they have the same color shift and really compliment each other I think it looks magical! Ludurana Show is my all time favorite polish and the only polish I keep a back up of I was excited to get another chance to wear it.


  1. This is insanely gorgeous!!

  2. sooo pretty!!

  3. It's magical! And I have these bottles... Ludurana, Show, and this Hits, Phenomena collection, are astonishing! After these pics, I intend to do the same as you!
    Have a nice day =D
    Esmaltes, Makeup & Cia.