Friday, 6 July 2012

Essence - Midnight Date & City That Never Sleeps

This is one coat of Essence City That Never Sleeps over Midnight Date it is a really pretty combo I don't normally layer flakies over a blue base so was surprised how good it looks!

As much as I like the colors the Essence double ended polishes are an absolute pain to use as you have to hold on to one half of the polish while you try to paint your nails i'm lucky I have a steady hand I don't know if i'll be buying anymore of these I really prefer regular shaped nail polish bottles i'm a bit to OCD for oddly shaped ones especially skulls hearts stars etc what do you think?


  1. I love these two polishes together!
    I must say that I enjoy an oddly shaped bottle now and then, although I don't like these double bottles, that Essence made.

  2. These polishes look gorgeous together!!

    Sharleena xx

  3. I have that set and I've never used it! *shame on me*

  4. Those two are gorgeous together! It's subtle but still nice.

  5. this is so pretty!