Saturday, 23 June 2012

Girly Bits - Daddy's Little Girl

I was so excited to receive my first ever Girly Bits polishes this week! I swatched Daddy's Little Girl today and it is one of the most beautiful polishes I have purchased this year it is absolutely gorgeous I am so in love with its mix of sapphire, sky blue, purple and fuchsia glitter it looks so pretty and feminine.

I have to say with all the drama that's been going on in the nail polish world this week we should be celebrating the amazing indie sellers like Pam who make gorgeous polishes and really care about their customers.

I am such a big fan of Pam she is really sweet and is always encouraging and providing advice to newbie frankeners like me I will definitely be buying more polishes and frankening supplies from her this year I can't wait for her next collection to be released!


  1. amen to that!!! i bought two other indies this week, since the wishlists are no more... one from rockstar nails, and one from pretty and polished. i'm sooo excited!!!

  2. hi,nice mani.let's follow us.