Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ludurana - Admiravel

I love it when you find a color that you thought would be ok and then when you try it out it's amazing Ludurana Admiravel is that color for me I was not expecting it to be so super gorgeous and I am so excited Admiravel is an amazing multichrome you can't see all the colors in my pics but it actually shifts from gold-green-blue-violet I love everything about the Ludurana Aurora Boreal collection the colors, the bottles, the scent it is definitely one of my favorite collections ever and some of the only polishes I've ever needed back ups of.


  1. This one is very pretty, but you have to test the collection MariMoon from Hits, the multichrome effect it's also amazing!

  2. This is so very pretty! Loving these kinds of shades! xx

  3. This is so lovely. You did a great job capturing what I am sure is a really hard to capture shade with all it's dimensional colors. Bravo!