Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kiss Nail Dress Fashion That Sticks

Kiss Nail Dress are a great new product that has just been released, they are nail strips with gorgeous designs you can just peel, apply and shape to get an awesome mani in minutes, there are 18 different styles including lots of really cool 3-dimensional jewelled designs, each packet of Nail Dress includes 28 strips which can be used on your fingers or toes they can also be cut up to make lots of different nail art designs, Nail Dress are really affordable they retail for $6.99 and can be purchased at most major drugstores & retailers.
Kiss Nail Dress - Princess
Kiss Nail Dress - Corset

I personally love to use this type of products for a great mani to wear to work since they are quick easy to apply and last for days, most people would save their Kiss Nail Dress for events and special occasions and match them with their outfit and accessories.

I got lots of great compliments when I tried these out a lot of people were really excited as they hadn't seen anything like them before, I really love the Nail Dress designs available and would love to try some more out I especially like the design pictured above called corset I have noticed a lot of people wearing this style of mani lately and love the bright neon colors.

Kiss Nail Dress - Cocktail
Kiss Nail Dress - Peplum

*The product in this post was sent for an honest review*


  1. Are these also sold on line?
    They really do look nice! Thanks for the review :)

  2. Cute! And def more affordable than some others on the market!

  3. We actually have these at our Rite Aide and our tiny town usually gets next to nothing. The display was totally empty when I saw it - so I know these where a huge hit with the high school kids who always seem to get to Rite Aide for the new stuff ASAP. Glad to hear a good review on this brand. Had no idea. I like the Peplum - really cute!

  4. I was wondering how these compared to Sally Hansen strips

  5. how long do they last though? do they come off with polish remover? or are they just stickers? Cuz the sally hansen ones are awesome..they last SO long and just come off with acetone.

  6. I quite like the look too! It seems very funky~

  7. They have these at family dollar, not sure if they're a dollar or not though..