Saturday, 18 February 2012

Zoya Phoebe

I think Zoya Phoebe has to be my favorite matte polish that I have tried so far I wore it to work yesterday and got so many compliments from the other staff and the customers including male customers! 

Zoya Phoebe is a bright azure blue polish with a matte finish it is really gorgeous and it is another one of my great Zoya nail polishes that I will be trying to wear more often by using it when stamping and doing nail art.


  1. This nail polish is amazing!! I am so loyal to China Glaze but I may just have to venture out of my comfort zone to try this! It's seriously beautiful.

    1. I love china glaze too but the zoya mattes are gorgeous you must try them!

  2. this is by far the most stunning nail polish I have ever seen, a definite show stopper!

  3. This is beautiful... when i make a wishlist, this is going on it.

  4. This looks so gorgeous! I got the green Zoya matte polish(can't remember the name) and was very disappointed. I needed to use four coats to get a good opaque color. Is this polish like that or is it more opaque? I might pick up a bottle if it is on sale. The color is amazing!

  5. That is stunning I actually picked up this color when Zoya did the get two free polishes promotion but haven't had a chance to try it out now I'm definitely going to make time to paint my nails with it!