Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Stamping Mani

This weeks stamping challenge was a stamping with a plate that ended in the number seven, the Konad m57 plate is the only stamping plate I own that ends in seven so it was my only choice I have already stamped with two of the designs from this plate so I decided to try out one of the other designs.

I'm not sure what you what you would call this design but I was going for the mermaids tail look that I have seen others do before, I'm not sure it really looks like a mermaids tail but it does look really pretty the stamping is very subtle, the colors I used are Essence Choose Me & Essence Hard To Resist.


  1. very pretty! i have zoya charla, the choose me! dupe, so i may try this look with that one. :) great mani!

  2. ohhh this is lovely. Really subtle and pretty.

  3. Very pretty, I like how subtle it is.
    Always fun to what everyone does for the challenge :)