Sunday, 25 December 2011

Thank ZOYA It's Xmas!

I decided to do this blog post as I had such a great experience ordering my xmas pressies during the Zoya flash promos this month that I ended up with a great haul of Zoya products in my xmas stash. I have to say the customer service at Zoya is absolutely fantastic I had to contact them once via live chat and they were really helpful and able to fix the issue straight away, I love that Zoya included so many color charts with my orders it was a really nice bonus and I have found a lot more colors to add to my wishlist!

Ivanka, Mimi, Valerie, Holly

Posh, Savita, Veruschka

Crystal, Indigo, Charla

Jems & Jewels Collection
Feel Collection
Sunshine & Summertime Collection
Zoya Smoke & Mirrors


  1. Nice haul! I wasn't able to take advantage of any of the flash sales, but they are so good about doing random sales throughout the year! I love Zoya! And it's really nice to know that their customer service is really good also. Enjoy your new pretties! :)

  2. Valerie is pretty. The sunshine and summertime collection looks amazing! I'll definately have to pick a few of those up!