Thursday, 22 December 2011

OPI New York City Ballet Collection

OPI New York City Ballet Collection "six new soft shades to inspire your inner ballerina"

There is very little information available about this collection yet but it does remind me a lot of last years Femme De Cirque collection will have to wait and see if there are any dupes, please check back I will post an update as soon I have more info.


  1. I can't wait esp for the grey polish!

    Do you mind if I share this info on my blog and put a link towards yours? I won't do this before you agree of course! :D

  2. Hi, it is fine if you want to share this with your fans and put a link back :)

  3. I agree that this collection does look very similar to the Femme De Cirque collection from last year... looks interesting though. I might have to purchase it for myself when it comes out. Any ideas on the release date?