Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ivanka - Zoya Sparkle Collection

Wow I took these photos on Xmas day but didn't look at them until last night OMG I was amazed at how truly gorgeous Zoya Ivanka looks in these pics I am in love Ivanka is now my new favourite green. Also when looking at my swatches last night they reminded me so much of the emerald city from the Wizard Of Oz!

I don't normally wear my polishes many times as I swatch new polishes every day but I am going to have to work Ivanka into my nail art and stamping just so I can wear it a few more times!

The Emerald City


  1. This color is so beautiful.. Really reminds you of the true colors of christmas :).
    Great job :)

  2. Ivanka is one of my favorites, its so pretty!

  3. The Wizard of Oz picture made me like the polish even more !! that was one of my fav movies