Monday, 5 December 2011

Blue & Silver Holographic Mani (Konad m63)

My new konad stamp finally arrived last friday afternoon so I was able to do some stamping on the weekend, I really loved this cute mani with one of my favourite colours ever OPI DS Magic and Color Club Worth The Risque (holographic) using the Konad m63 stamping plate.


(Sunlight) You can see the holographic better in this pic.


More designs from the Konad m63 plate.


  1. The Holo is too cute! I love it over the blue. Stamps really well too. The holos I have don't set into my stamping plates, so I can never pick em up with the stamper.

    Love the swirly design.

  2. Try stamping with the Color Club holographics I have seen great stamping swatches of Wild At Heart, Love Em Leave Em, Fashion Addict & Worth The Risque!