Monday, 29 August 2011

China Glaze He's Going In Circles

Hi, I thought the best way to start off my blog would be to share my current manicure with you this is China Glaze He's Going In Circles from the Kaleidoscope Collection like most holographic colours  this colour is really rare I was lucky to get a couple of bottles of it, please let me know what you think??? 

I am going to the USA in 55 days (I am counting) while I am there I will be trying to find as many rare nail polish colours as possible sometimes OPI and China Glaze Glaze release colours exclusively for Sally Beauty, Ulta & Sephora so we never get a chance to purchase these colours in Australia :(

I will continue to upload more images of my manicures as well as images of new nail polish colours and collections, if you have any great images of your own manicures please contact me!

China Glaze He's Going In Circles! (Holographic)